I’m thrilled to share my upcoming workshop, co-led with my friend Lynda Savidge. As women we’re so often told to “put our oxygen mask on first” when so often, we don’t know where to start.

This workshop is your starting place.

We’ll lead a restorative yoga practice, share Reiki healing with you, and then move through the day with a conversation about what it means to truly embrace who you are in your body, your spirit, and your life. You’ll leave with tools to implement these practices at home so you can restore a sense of peace when you need it.

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 Refilling Your Cup: A Restorative Workshop for Women- With Heather Filipowicz and Lynda Savidge

Sunday, January 12th, 2020

1:00 - 5:00pm

Cost: Early Registration $65, Day of $70

Workshop Handout Package Included

*Workshops are nonrefundable

Course Description:

This course (and the quarterly event series to follow) is designed to nourish, rejuvenate and empower women. Carve out an afternoon to “push pause” and share a healing experience with like-minded women. Heather and Lynda look forward to pampering you - mind, body and soul - Refilling Your Cup to the fullest.

Workshop Includes:

RESTORE: A 90 minute delicious Restorative Yoga practice

REVITALIZE: Reiki Energy Healing (Heather and Lynda are Reiki Masters)

RE-ENERGIZE: Chakra Meditation with Essential Oils (oils optional)

REDISCOVER: Understanding Ayurvedic Mind/Body Types

RENEW: Yoga Philosophy on Compassion, Self-Care, and Balance

RECLAIM: Strategies for Renewing Self-Love and Self-Care

REDEEM: Receive $10 off a private session with Lynda or Heather

Heather and Lynda hold a safe place for you to dive into restoration. They will remind you that you are already perfect and deserving of the pampering and soul-nourishment they have planned for you.

These practices and meditations will provide the opportunity for self-reflection and healing. You will learn rejuvenating practices you can integrate regularly while being supported to embrace exactly who you are.

About Your Teachers:

Heather Filipowicz RYT200

Heather Filipowicz is a Yoga Teacher, Intuitive Medium, Reiki Healer and Writer who believes that all people can be healed when they feel less alone in the world and remember who they truly are.

Lynda Savidge RYT200

Lynda is a Yoga Teacher and Massage Therapist. Helping people feel better is Lynda’s deepest wish, and the reason she has been immersed in the healing community for decades.

Both Heather and Lynda teach weekly Gentle Yoga classes at Lotus Pond and practice healing arts in the Lotus Loft, upstairs in the Lotus Pond.

To Register for this Workshop head to The Lotus Pond’s webpage here.