Mediumship Readings

Are you yearning to hear from a loved one who has passed away? Maybe you want to know how they are or if they’re truly around you. 

I know that feeling, too.  

When you think of someone who can talk to passed away loved ones do you think about crystal balls and Whoopi Goldberg’s character in “Ghost’? Yeah, me too. 

It doesn’t have to be that way. 

I thought the same thing until I realized that these feelings, sensations, and movie-like pictures that flashed through my mind were actually the Spirits of passed away loved ones communicating with me in ways that I simply wasn’t used to.

Once I learned what all those messages meant, I knew that they truly can communicate with us and they want to. 

It’s all about love.

Being a medium simply means that my antenna is tuned in to receive messages from Spirit that I relay to a person sharing their heart, and time, with me. If you’re curious about what that’s like, here are some amazing people who shared their time with me and shared what that was like. 

Wanna know how this works for me? I’m sure you do. 

Spirits will show me images in my mind, I sometimes smell scents, I ask questions and am given answers in the form of sensations, pictures, symbols, and even sounds. A mediumship reading often uses every single one of my senses. Wild, right? I know. And oh so cool. 

Ever since I was little I knew I was extra ‘sensitive’ and was just more aware about signs, messages, and coincidences that involved people that I loved who had passed away (BTW, there’s no such thing as a coincidence. That’s all meant to be.)

In the summer of 2017 I lost my Dad and Father-in-law within 3 weeks of each other. It was a horrendous time in my life. As the days passed I began to experience things in ways that just couldn't be explained away. I knew they were communicating with me and it wasn’t until I saw a medium myself that I knew that I, too, had the ability to communicate with them.

And here I am.

If I can share an time with you so that you can hear from your loved one, that means the world to me. We all yearn for one more moment, one message, one connection to know that we’re still loved and they’re still around- and I’m honored to be that person for so many. 

I can meet with you either via the phone or in person in Tampa, Florida so that I can relay messages from your passed on loved ones in a manner that’s warm, approachable, honest, and maybe has a bit of levity. My readings are honest and intuitive. 

Each reading is based on evidence that I will share with you so that you know who is communicating with you. I work hard to ensure that I know as little as possible about you prior to our meeting. (No social media Googling by me. I promise.) 

While we can never control which Spirit decides to show up for your reading, I work with whomever shows up to ensure you hear the message that you’re meant to hear. 

If you’d like to schedule a session and communicate with your passed on loved ones, click the box below to set up a time.