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Mediumship Clients

  • My reading with Heather was one of the most profound experiences I've ever had. Even before my session began, Heather took the time and care to walk me through what to expect, how to interpret what would come through, and how to approach my reading with an open mind and heart. When my grandmother came through, she took her time, gave me space to breathe, digest what was happening, and comforted me while I celebrated, grieved, and finally got the closure my heart was aching for. 

    Heather, you have a precious gift and we're so blessed that you've decided to share it with the world. I personally can't thank you enough for the peace you've brought into my life after my reading. I'm looking forward to my next one. - Kristy (California)

  • “I was open to a reading in order to see if a loved one might come through but yet I was a little skeptical at the same time. Heather put me at ease and delivered a reading that I know without a doubt was sent by my late husband. I highly recommend her services! She is a gentle soul and it’s no wonder they are able to communicate through her. It was a very positive experience and I was very comforted by the message sent.”- Jessica (Wichita, KS)

  • “I had a Psychic Medium reading with Heather, and I truly loved it. She is such a warm and genuine person, it’s impossible not to feel at ease. My grandparents passed in 2003 and 2005, and what she shared about them amazed me. Attending a reading like this takes courage and vulnerability, however it’s instantly clear how well Heather understands this, and how much she cares. I came away feeling comforted, and like I’d finally found some peace.”- Rachel (Sarasota, FL)

  • "I've had medium readings before so I wasn't new to the concept or the process. But what was really different about Heather's reading was the depth of what she shared and what I felt while talking to her. She brought things up that I hadn't thought about in years. Things that resonated so much I cried. Things that no one could have possibly known about. I got to ask questions and get answers that felt right and true to me and my heart. And she delivers this all in a no-nonsense, not hippy dippy, and completely caring way. I loved my call with Heather and would totally recommend it."- Sally (Montana)

  • “I’ve had other readings throughout my life but have always approached them with a “just for fun” mindset and most have been just that. I try not to have any expectations and just be open to whatever happens and I’ve had a few nuggets of insight here and there. But my reading with Heather was different. She knew about people in my life, how they felt about me, and shared details about what they felt was important for me to know. She spoke to specific events and helped shed light on their larger meaning. Heather’s style is warm, engaging and down-to-earth. While our conversation was definitely fun it was also deeply insightful and provided some healing.”- Cecily (Amherst, NY)

  • “Having known Heather for quite some time, so when she opened herself to acting as conduit, I jumped at the opportunity to connect with her and with, hopefully, my loved ones. What I received during our time was gentle, intriguing, and most importantly, supportive. When our session closed, I felt positive that I'm on the right track and assured that I have a support system who are proud of me and on whom I can rely every step of the way.  I'd recommend spending time with Heather and allowing her to help you connect with those whom you cannot visit on your own. Thank you Heather.  - Tamara (Ontario, Canada)

  • Heather has the most amazing ability to bring forth messages that truly touch your soul. She was able to connect with my father, and what she saw and felt immediately brought tears to my eyes! Not only does Heather bring through messages from the divine and unseen, she gives practical advice to get you right! Since my reading with Heather, I’ve been connecting with my heart chakra and learning to forgive, which I feel is one of my most important lessons. Funny enough, after three years I reconnected with my stepdad who I haven’t spoken to in three years and who was also going through his own heart issues. I’m so thankful for Heather and her helping me to heal heart blockages to help me move forward and feel lighter day by day. Thank you sooo much Heather for your gifts, love, and guidance from a thousand miles away!” - Ariel (NYC)

  • “I had a reading with Heather, which was more than I could have ever hoped for. Right away, she was able to connect with my dad who passed away when I was young. The attention to detail on his physical appearance was amazing and the clarity of the message sent through was unlike I have ever encountered. As someone who has seen mediums in the past, Heather was one of the best. She truly has a special gift, and I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to see it.”- Sarah (Buffalo, NY)