A New Beginning

Photo by  __ drz __  on  Unsplash

Photo by __ drz __ on Unsplash

That’s the interesting thing about life, the light is always present- even in the dark.

This is a blog about hope.

This is a blog about courage. 

This is a blog about life. 

It has been two years since I have written public words to share with the world.

Having been a writer my entire life I started a blog over a decade ago to share my words and create a place for me to go. For me to deposit my words in the hopes of them making sense. 

A place for people to see themselves and their stories in mine. 

The last post I wrote on my previous blog, Sassy Inspiration, was a tribute to my Dad for Father’s Day 2017. He read those words in a hospital bed. And a month later he left us. 

In the two years since then I have faced my worst fears, let go of people, ideas, and dreams. . 

I’ve lived through the most difficult season of my life and now am ready to share my words once again. 

More than anything the previous version of Heather melted away and this woman was born. 

For anyone that has gone through tremendous trauma and grief there is no way to not walk that path without every fiber of who you are being changed. 

While the passing of my Dad was the worst of the pain, the events that fell like dominoes all around it created a wave of life that I didn’t think I’d get through. 

But I did. 

As with so many people who’ve walked the earth before me, and with me, they’ve been examples of how the human spirit can not only overcome great tragedy but can see the lessons that lie within them. 

In the past two years I lost my Dad and Father-in-Law within 3 weeks of each other, sat across from a lawyer preparing to divorce my husband, bore witness to our mothers facing grief and dementia, realized that family doesn’t always love you back, landed in the ER with an abnormal EKG and a broken heart, tried to be a Mother, wife and worker through crippling depression, and in a few dark nights laid in bed pondering if this world truly needed me in it. 

I’ve also experienced beauty and joy. That’s the interesting thing about life- the light is always present- even in the dark. 

I watched the sun setting in the middle of the Caribbean sipping champagne on Thanksgiving Day. 

I witnessed the sun rising over the Atlantic Ocean next to the man that I chose to continue loving and he chose me. 

I did hours upon hours in the therapist's office doing the hard work and showing up for myself. It is some of the bravest work you’ll ever do- and some of the most important. Those hours have been life-changing gifts. 

I bore witness to beautiful souls unfolding on their yoga mats and tenderly held the space for them as best as I could. 

I stepped on my yoga mat again and again and again. It’s a sacred and holy practice- and also a damn fun one. 

I discovered that I have immense gifts that I wasn’t aware of before. My sensitive nature now makes sense to me and I’m honored to be the way that I am. 

There's been mundane and magical moments each and every day. 

What I do know for sure is why I’m here on this earth. I know what my purpose and calling truly is and I’m ready to dive into it and bring it to life. 

In yoga there’s the yin and yang to the practice and it’s present in life as well. 

The hard and soft. 

The dark and light. 

The life and death. 

The pain and the joy. 

The falling and then the rising. 

This is a blog about all of it. It’s about the hard moments in life and the sweetness that’s always present. 

I’ll be sharing my truth- the honest and sometimes tough things that have happened in my life. When we put them into the light, they become lessons for others to bear witness to in their own life. 

These are my stories and it’s my hope that you’ll be able to see yours in them- one word at a time.