Senior’s Spirit: How I Discovered I’m a Medium

Photo by  Anita Austvika  on  Unsplash

My life changed at an event and today it’s time to share how-all thanks to my Father-in-Law.

It was a year after my Dad had passed away and I was missing him. I was a “Messages from Heaven” event I went in the hopes of hearing from my Dad. I’d never done this before. 

When I thought of a “Medium” I thought about Whoopi Goldberg in “Ghost” with her crystal ball and velvet curtains.

I certainly didn’t think of….well, me.

I had purchased a ticket to a group reading event. Three different Mediums sharing messages and readings to a group of people. I felt safe and curious because it was at my yoga home- The Lotus Pond. 

As each of the 3 women took turns I watched individuals stand up and hear messages that were meant just for them. Messages where there was no way of explaining how they knew the details. People cried, gasped, laughed in response. 

I was witnessing extraordinary things. 

As the readings went on I was mesmerized. My body was AWAKE. Goosebumps up and down my spine. The woman sitting next to me, a complete stranger, had 3 different loved ones come through for her. And each time they did, I could feel something. 

Hairs on the back of my neck stood on end. My body temperature shifted. There was a knowing they were hers. 

A knowing. I. Just. Knew. I’ve come to appreciate and honor this feeling.

It was time for the last reading of the night. As the Medium began sharing the details of how the Spirit was appearing I thought, “I know this person”. 

Then my body lit up. Goosebumps EVERYWHERE. Spine shivers. Then she asked, “Can anyone relate to this person?” I felt my hand raise. “ I know who this is”, I said. “It’s my father-in-law.”

You see, when Joe, Sr. (I call him Senior) died he wasn’t speaking to us. Well, barely.  Since moving to Florida our relationship with that side of the family was strained. Family turmoil lined with miscommunication, lies, pain, and suffering. For everyone. It was a situation that we rarely shared with anyone. We just held it and it was horrible.

When Senior was dying we drove as fast as we could from Florida to Buffalo and missed saying goodbye by a mere few hours. The funeral and the time following were confusing, excruciating, grief-filled, and dark. And three weeks later my Dad died. 

That time was an extraordinary depth of hell. 

So here I was hearing things from a Medium that could only be explained as Senior.

His shoes, his wad of cash he always carried in his pocket, how he and I would laugh and laugh, what he thought about me (amused by and really liked- which I always knew), the way my husband had been practicing his guitar and how Sr. sat with him, and the blackbirds that had been showing up en mass in my backyard trees every day at Noon visible from my office window for the previous month. I was the only one who saw them. He communicated that he was sending them to me. 

There were so many details there was no explaining them away. He had come to give me a message and I believed it with my whole heart.

Then the Medium said words that would forever heal me and my husband. She said, “He wants you to know your husband has every reason to be mad. He should be. He did nothing wrong. And he wants you to know that he’s so sorry and to please share that with his son. He’s been coming to you because he knows his son will listen to you.”

First, I gasped. And then I sobbed. 

I’d prayed for those words. Not just for me but for my husband. And there they were. 

We had received the healing and message that we needed. While I wish it had come before he passed, there was a relief brought with those words that I can’t even try to explain.

I came home and told my husband. It was an extraordinary night and a turning point for me personally. 

That was the night that I just knew I had this same gift. 

I’d long suspected it. I had feelings and visions and heard things when no one else did. But being in that room that night and feeling what I felt- I knew it was real. 

It was then that I realized that if I, too, had this gift it was my duty to share it and help people have the healing and closure that we had just been gifted. 

I couldn’t deny it any longer. 

For the past nine months, I’ve been learning from an extraordinary woman, studying, practicing, and slowly sharing this “secret” with others.

It’s not easy to admit to people that you can communicate with people who have passed away but the truth is I can.

I know what I hear, see, feel, and experience. (Hell, sometimes I even smell things.) It’s my job to communicate that as best as I can. And when people receive the messages that they’re meant to get- there are no words to explain the gift that they bring to them.

It’s time for me to step out and help others. 

I’m happy to share that I’ve officially opened my doors for business. I’m now offering Mediumship readings virtually via phone and in-person on Tuesday evenings, and select Sunday’s, in a small, private office upstairs of The Lotus Pond here in Tampa, Florida. 

I know deciding to see a Medium isn’t an easy decision. I don’t take that lightly. 

All I can say is that if you’re missing a loved one who has passed away, I’d be honored to help lessen that ache in any way that I can. 

My goal is to create ease, comfort, and enjoyment through the experience. I’ve had readings were my client laughed and cried and gasped all within the same 30 minutes. 

I’m finally grateful for my sensitivity rather than cursing it. 

During each reading, I provide proof and communicate what I’m experiencing so that you can determine who is coming through to visit. While I can’t control who shows up, I can do my best to deliver the message that they’re bringing. 

Here’s a few words from people who’ve shared time, and their loved ones, with me. Their words may speak to some of your fears. 

Choosing to see a Medium is also part of the sitter’s (the person coming to see a Medium) job as well.  The more open-minded and relaxed a person is, the better their reading will be. I’ve met with people that I could tell thought I was full of bologna and that’s totally ok. I know what I experience and while I may not be able to convince then, I can still share what I can in the hopes that they’ll embrace it eventually. That’s up to them. 

While I’m also opening yoga private sessions and Reiki healings, I felt that this aspect of my journey had to be shared first. 

Here’s what I know for sure. You’re loved ones are closer than you think. Their love gets stronger and it doesn’t have human boundaries anymore. 

Love truly knows no bounds. 

I’m here to help. Crystal ball not included.